Sunday, November 18, 2007

New books

All from Peter Lang, publishers:

Adrian Mackenzie, Cutting Code: Software and Sociality. (Adrian was one of the other lecturers at the Deleuze seminar in Copenhagen last May--see previous posts--and I'm really looking forward to reading this)

Michele A. Willson, Technically Together: Rethinking Community within Techno-Society. (within all this recent talk of social networks, it was intriguing that someone's still talking about community)

Sharon Kleinman (ed) Displacing Place: Mobile Communication in the Twenty-First Century. (another in the rapidly proliferating genre of mobile phone collections--see earlier posts on books).

Apologies for lack of links to either the publisher's website or previous posts. But it's late.

Room 8

Was told of this video up on YouTube depicting the horrors of Room 8, the basement suite of offices in Lincoln Hall at the University of Illinois where the Speech Communication grad students are given offices (and have been since at least the 1970s if not earlier). Spent 6 years down there myself. You don't get an establishing shot of the waiting TA's office, but from my recollection and the orientation of the desk and its background, I'd swear that was my desk and office space (in 8F I think). I remember dragging that desk in from another office one weekend when no one was around (after the semester had ended). Either the desk was originally John Erni's, or that spot in the office had been John's, I don't quite recall. Anyway.