Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ummmm...I think I figured out why the phone doesn't ring.


Was walking out to my car the other day and suddenly wondered why I had never noticed the interesting filligree doohickey (those are technical terms, y'all) that was part of our car's antenna. It looked cool. I got closer and saw that it wasn't part of the antennae, but a dragonfly. It very patiently stayed there while I snapped a couple of images with my phone, and then zipped off.

New Books

Just back from NCA. Picked up the following, which look great:

Jonathan Gray, Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts. NYU Press.

Thomas Streeter, The Net Effect: Romanticism, Capitalism, and the Internet. NYU Press.

Got in the mail the other day:

Ben Highmore, Ordinary Lives: Studies in the Everyday. Routledge. I had read this in manuscript form and loved it. Glad it's finally out.