Friday, September 19, 2008

National Security and Kids (again)

Apparently Sesame Street has teamed with Homeland Security to teach kids about emergency preparedness. This is a follow-on from a previous post of mine (ain't got time to link) on national security and kids. Again, gotta be a paper in here somewhere.

Fira, take 2

Apparently they think she's a "mixed somali". Note how long her tail is.

More airport scanning

Breathe deeply, calm down, it's just a security check, nothing to worry about, forget that the cameras can tell if you're nervous, pulse racing, stressed. At least, that's the project: remote physiological scanning of passengers looking for signs of stress.

Monday, September 15, 2008


New cat in the family. First pet since Edmund passed away last year, and first cat in 14 years.

Fira is from the Humane Society. 2 yrs old female. Interesting mix of breeds. Medium-long hair, tortoise-shell coloring (looks like a thin Maine Coon), very thin, with a tail almost longer than she is. Quite friendly. More pictures later.

Book Signing

Signing copies of Cultural Globalization: A User's Guide at the Borders Books and Music at Camelback and 24th Street in Phoenix. This Friday, 19 September, from 6-8pm.

Note that the events page that the above link takes you to actually omits my signing (sigh), but that's par for the course.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Langdon Winner

Just discovered that Langdon Winner has a blog: