Friday, July 02, 2010

Beyond the Lighted Stage

Quite enjoying this documentary of Rush. Lots of old footage and interviews. Doesn't presume you're a fan. Deals with the seemingly utter lack of respect the band gets from rock critics (and reads out choice excerpts of scathing reviews). But as a portrait of a group of friends who have managed to hang together as a band for 40 years (accumulating the most consecutive gold or platinum albums except for the Beatles or the Rolling Stones), it's quite good. There's no scandal here, and none of the usual heavy metal excesses. Geddy, at the end, says that he told the filmmakers they were making a mistake: the band was just too boring. They're not boring, however, but are funny, reflective, honest guys (who happed to be extremely talented musicians). The documentary quietly skips a few late 80s albums (e.g., Presto), which is probably for the best :)