Thursday, August 21, 2008


One irony in all of this regarding the dissolution of the College of Human Services is that we all got brand new College of Human Services logo polo shirts just last week.

[I'm using "irony" here in the Alanis Morissette usage rather than the more literary usage.]


Lindsay said...


I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and suspect that you are the very Mr. Wise who wrote "Home: Territory and identity" in Cultural Studies. If so, then in lieu of fawning over you like a star-struck academic I would like to say that I thought it was quite informative and I greatly enjoyed reading it. If not, then please ignore this silly random person and go on with your day.


Greg said...

That would be me! Thanks for your kind comments about my essay; the essay is one of my favorites and so I'm glad you found it interesting and useful. See my earlier post on it:

Lindsay said...

Ah, yes... you are getting cited everywhere, aren't you? I guess I fall into the design theory category but it looks like I'm in good company there. :)

Well it was nice to get to pseudo-meet you and I look forward to any related work you do in the future. Thanks!