Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Case Against Electronic Books (take 2)


Ted Striphas said...

It's funny--I just finished rereading Kevin Kelly's New York Times article from a few years back called "Scan This Book!" It makes a persuasive case for electronic books. One of Kelly's selling points? That tagging, annotations, and various author "extras" will be the new way to add value to books precisely when the cost of making (digital) copies nears zero. Perhaps, then your autograph by Mr. Sulu himself will be the rule and not the exception in some indeterminate digital future.

Kirk out.

Greg said...

I see your point. But is there a difference between an analog signature and a digital file, even if the latter is inserted personally into your E-book by the author him or herself? And if every copy gets the signature, as a rule, then what's the point?

Greg said...

By the way, did you see James Gleick's article in the NYT?