Friday, February 04, 2011

New Running Shoes

Thought I would try these out: Vibram "five fingers" barefoot running shoes. They are going to take some getting used to. I'll have to change how I run, for one thing (can't land on my heel and roll like in regular shoes: no padding; I'll have to land more midfoot). They are fun, though, and I've only worn them for a short jaunt or two until I get more used to them. And the last few days it's been too cold to be running "barefoot." It takes some practice to get them on (getting each toe in the right slot), but I'm getting the hang of that.


Anonymous said...



Jussi Parikka said...

I started running "barefoot" a couple of months ago -- well, not five fingers shoes, but extremely thin soled (Terraplanas). After the initial stress on ankles and calves, I love it; as you flag, a completely different way of running that also removed the problems in my knee, for example. Its interesting to think how differently the whole body adjusts, and moves with barefoots... elements for a whole philosophy of (smooth) running... ;)

Greg Wise said...

Thanks for the comment, Jussi! Unfortunately my schedule has kept me from all but a couple very short runs with them the last two weeks. But I'm hoping to remedy that soon. I've got some knee soreness as well (IT Band I think) and in the back of my head I keep hoping that these might help.

I'm really enjoying "Insect Media" by the way.

Albort Cena said...

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